In: historias
  A Souvenir Story from Serena B.

Part 1: Serena, sun-stoned and giddy over the sunset, decides it’s time for an epic beach jump. She is not convinced this will not result in a broken ankle, but she buries the fear beneath the two palomas she’s ingested.

Part 2: Ian yelps with delight as he realizes, in one take, he has gotten a hell of a shot. Serena is proud of herself and uninjured. “Still got it,” she says to herself under her breath. She wants to triumphantly punch the sky but refrains.

Part 3: Ian, in a move rather uncharacteristic, announces he, too, is going to take a stab at the epic beach jump, and will Serena please direct him. Serena has been waiting for Ian to ask her to teach him dance moves for five years. This is a victory. She thinks about punching the sky again.

Part 4: Despite Serena’s best efforts, Ian looks more like a dunking basketball player than a leaping dancer in the photo. He tries several times, until he and Serena are laughing too hard to either jump or hold a camera. Coincidentally, Ian looks like he’s punching the sky in the pictures. Serena approves.

Part 5: Serena and Ian declare it a toss-up. The End.