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A Souvenir Story from Phil K.

One of the most unique and amazing restaurant settings I’ve ever experienced was at El Presidio, located in Mazatlán’s Centro Histórico (Old Town). The creation of four retired surfers, El Presidio was built in an abandoned 2-story building. The architecture blends modern elements with the existing building, along with a blend of indoor and outdoor elements. The center of the restaurant is an open atrium with a tree and plant-lined canopy. Enclosed dining areas are protected with brink and glass walls.

Balconies with outdoor seating, private, glassed-in rooms and an inviting central bar create a nice problem to have: where do I sit with so many fun choices? I felt like a kid in a playground where I couldn’t decide where to go first. The food and service are first-class and the romantic ambience left me not wanting to leave. We were fortunate to be treated with a fireworks display launched one block away as we were leaving, capping off a memorable dining experience I’ll continue to talk about.