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  A Souvenir Story from Serena B.

Look out, Los Angeles: Mazatlán’s street art game is strong. All over Old Town (Centro Histórico) – astride pristinely-painted homes and down unassuming alleys – are murals and mystical shapes just begging to be posted on Instagram. Only, unlike the hearts on Abbot Kinney Boulevard or the pink Paul Smith wall in West Hollywood, these haven’t been seen nine million times. You could help them remain that way by putting your phone down and feasting your eyes on the sights without a screen in the way… or you can be like me, exercise zero self-restraint and have your partner take 12 stylized shots of you with each. (When your fiance’s a crazy talented cinematographer, I say it’s downright foolish not to take advantage.)

Either way, be sure to take a moment to look around you. The juxtaposition of refined-looking facades next to unrestrained street art is a bold move for Centro Histórico, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. The high elevates the low, and vice versa. It might not be a new combination, but it gets this Angeleno every time.